Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Destination - Great Wolf Lodge, Poconos, PA!

Great Wolf Lodge is North America's Largest Family of Indoor Waterpark resorts, with locations in PA, VA, NC, OH, MI, WI, KS, TX, WA, and Niagra Falls, Canada!  Conveniently located about one hour west of New York City, nestled in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, sits one of their fabulous properties, boasting a wide range of activities guaranteed to provide a fun and exciting experience for children and adults alike! 

Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos is best known for its spacious indoor waterpark called Fort Mackenzie™.  The park features a virtual wonderland of water fun; with a wide variety of slides, a lazy river, a tidal pool, a kiddie pool, and activity pool, two hot-tubs, and a four-story structure featuring suspension bridges and cargo nets, spray stations, and soaker buckets. The grand daddy of soaker buckets is the 1,000-gallon tipper that sits atop the Fort - every few minutes, the warning bell clangs, and the bucket dumps its contents over the roof and onto the giggling group below!

But the fun doesn't end there!  The whole Lodge is geared toward providing a spectacular family adventure! 

The cozy lobby of the Lodge features an animatronic show that captures the imagination of young visitors with a 10-minute show during which the characters sing songs about nature.  Gather in front of the Great Clock Tower™ to see the characters magically come to life each morning at 10 a.m. and again at 8 p.m. and 9 p.m.; show up in your PJs for the 8 p.m. show and stick around for story time in front of the great fireplace right afterward!

Younger visitors will also enjoy the Cub Club™; offering special programs that teach kids about nature and the creatures of the Northwoods.  The Cub Club™ is also a great place to create a craft or souvenir to take home as a keepsake!

Children of all ages will get a thrill out of Great Wolf Lodge's live-action adventure game, Magic Quest®! Armed with high-tech wands, families race around to solve magical challenges throughout the resort to gain powers (and points) and move to higher levels of the game! 

Older kids will enjoy the Northern Lights Arcade and the gr8_space.  The arcade houses over a hundred games different games, and the gr8-space features computers with teen-conscious internet access, docking stations for ipods and mp3 players, as well as multiple gaming stations for those who strive to win one of the resort's contests. The gr8_space is the premier spot to play games like Guitar Hero, Rock Band and sing some karaoke! 

A new highlight at the Pocono's Great Wolf Lodge is the Race Zone!  Have fun designing and building your own remote control vehicle (choice of color, color of the wheel, and one of three different body styles).  Then test your design by racing it on our indoor race track! You even get to create your own drivers license!  

The Poconos Great Wolf Lodge also features a wide variety of dining options (ranging from take-away and snack bars to sit-down restaurants),  an indoor gym, and two spas; one for the adults and one for kids!  Have a few questions about Great WOlf?  Check out their Ask-A-Mom page, conveniently offering information on a broad range of topics, and organized by location!

The fun never ends at Great Wolf Lodge - check out their website to sign-up for special rates and discounts!

- Destination Mom

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