Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day "Peace of Mind" Giveaway!

Mother's Day, in the words of my daughter, is the day "when Mom shouldn't have to worry about doing anything." At first, I will admit, I thought that sounded a bit critical; I wanted to point out that it was actually a day to celebrate Mommy and all she does! But after I gave it some thought, I realized she had actually stumbled upon my definition of the perfect gift! Peace of mind with the knowledge that all things that were necessary to ensure my sanity were still being taken care of!

Now in my little universe today, its the mundane tasks that occupy my energies; things like making sure there's food in the fridge, feeding the dog, picking up the house, replacing the toilet paper when it runs out.. but only a few short years ago, my primary focus was completely different. As few as three years ago, the bulk of my time and energy was spent keeping a close and watchful eye on my young daughter.

Toddlers are like lightning strikes; fast, unpredictable, and capable of leaving considerable damage in their wakes. So I tried to stay one step ahead by limiting her access to dangerous spaces, and providing her with a safe and comfortable spot in which she could play! Sounds easy, right? Sure, its no problem once you have child-proofed the space you spend the majority of your time in everyday and your child learns what is off limits! But what about when you leave the perfect little bubble of safety you have created in your home? Going to visit family? How about vacation? Stymied? I was!

That's why, this Mother's Day, in honor of those Moms whose sanity has been tested by the curiosity of a toddler away from home, we'd like to offer a chance to win a free Travel-Tot Child-Proofing Kit! With everything you need to keep you "safe as home, wherever you roam," the kit affords you peace of mind on the go! The components of the kit that require installation are all affixed with temporary, non-damaging 3M adhesive strips, allowing you to remove them (for later use with new strips!) once your visit has come to an end without fear of incurring extra charges for having inflicted damage to finishes or surfaces!
For your chance to win a free Travel-Tot Childproofing Kit, simply visit us on Facebook and submit a comment under our post about the "Best Mother's Day Gift You Ever Received" and you'll be entered to win! We'll announce the winner on Mother's Day and contact the lucky Mom to arrange delivery! Good luck, and warmest wishes from all of us at Travel-Tot for a very Happy Mother's Day!
-Destination Mom

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