Friday, January 27, 2012

Consignment Shops: Bargains & Travel Tactics!

Recently I was catching up with a friend I grew up with in New Jersey, who now makes her home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  I was teasing her about having to pack cold-weather gear for when they come up to visit her parents for the holidays when she shared a secret with me: consignment shops!  Instead of paying for clothes that her family would get such limited use out of (not to mention the baggage fees associated with packing those bulky fall and winter items), she simply waits until she arrives here in New Jersey, hits her favorite local consignment shop to buy them each cold-weather gear to supplement their wardrobes for the duration of the visit, and then re-consigns the items before she travels back home!  Sheer genius!   

For those who have never shopped in one, a consignment store can seem intimidating at first glance.  But what it generally boils down to is this: for a fee, consignment shops accept items from consigners (people who sign an agreement authorizing the shop to sell their items and split the profit once items have sold) and then sell them at a fraction of their retail cost to customers. How profit sharing is conducted varies from shop to shop; often, the profit due to the consigner upon the sale of an item is paid in cash or in-store credit.  What can be a little tricky is determining what different shops accept for consignment; some stores specialize in high-end, designer label children's clothing, some only take certain sizes, etc. - but any consignment shop will be happy to explain their store policies if you inquire!

Take Two, Denville, NJ
On a related note, I, and everyone at Travel-Tot, wish to congratulate two friends of ours who recently opened a children's consignment boutique called Take Two in downtown Denville, NJ.  Take Two has a bright and inviting storefront and boasts a wide range of gently used, like new, and new children's clothing, shoes, outerwear, gear, and toys (as well as maternity clothes and prom dresses!)!  They feature everything from French designers to discount-store labels in sizes ranging from preemie to 14. 
Take Two Denville, NJ

Take Two is owned and operated by Jen Mahoney and Missy Prunty, dedicated mothers to four and three children, respectively; they understand the importance of making every dollar count in these tough economic times and are dedicated to providing their clients with an enjoyable shopping experience and beautiful, affordable merchandise.

We at Travel-Tot wish them all the best with their new venture and are thrilled to have our Travel Childproofing Kit be one of the many fantastic products on their shelves!  So if you find yourself in northern New Jersey, stop in and check out Take Two - it'll have you doing a double-take! 

Safe and happy travels!

-Destination Mom

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  1. Great article and wonderful idea for traveling. Good luck to Denville's Take Two!