Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Travel-Tot Tip!

One of the items in my travel bag-of-tricks is a small assortment of "glow" bracelets, necklaces, sticks, and building kits (i.e. eyeglass frames, balls, hats, etc.).  I try to pick them up whenever I see them on sale at Target or 5 Below because we have found them infinitely useful and entertaining when we travel.  We often use them as nightlights and for playing games at night (in the hotel, camping, on the beach, in the car, etc.); for many years they have been one of my daughter's favorite parts of our family getaways!  They are also fantastic to have in case of emergencies (i.e. blackouts, breakdowns where visibility is important, etc.)!  Warning: Glow sticks are not designed for use by children under age 5.  Glow sticks contain toxic chemicals and should only be used in accordance with packaging directions (consult manufacturer's directions for instructions and warnings).

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