Thursday, June 14, 2012

Destination: Hershey, PA!

Known as "The Sweetest Place on Earth," Hershey, PA boasts a world of fun and relaxation for the whole family!  If you haven't been yet, here's a quick overview of some of the many family-friendly sights and attractions you won't want to miss!
Known for their awesome coasters and thrill rides, Hershey has plenty of lower-key rides for the younger set as well, such as Balloon Flite, Dinosaur-Go-Round, and Helicopters. If you're visiting in the summer, cool off on the East Coast Waterworks; the centerpiece attraction to The Boardwalk at Hershey Park. A relatively new feature, the Boardwalk boasts a fun surfer theme and includes 4 huge slides and an enormous water play structure! Hershey Park is immaculately kept and has six large sections devoted entirely to kids. Whether it's small versions of the park's adult rides or miniature sports-cars, young children will have a blast! This summer, spend a day at Hershey Park - you won't be disappointed!  Note: Hershey Park is quite large and does not feature any type of mass-transportation (i.e. monorail, train, etc.), so be sure to wear comfy walking shoes and bring strollers!
Great for a few hours of fun, visitors of all ages will enjoy this re-created factory tour!  Don't miss features the 3D movie and trolley tour! Each trolley tour offers visitors the opportunity to see the Hershey Kiss Streetlights, Mr. Hershey's Mansion, Mr. Hershey's original chocolate factory, and more!

Explore this peaceful spot filled with trees, grasses, herbs, flowers and even a magnificent butterfly garden! The gardens have numerous benches, so it's a great place to stroll or sit and relax. The children's gardens feature awesome exhibits, such as: the ball in the fountain and the misting kisses.

This cozy little zoo offers a great break from the action-packed mayhem of the park. The the zoo is immaculate and the animals are well-cared for; and as an added bonus, zoo entry is free with your Hershey Park admission!  In a short walk, visitors of all ages can view some wild animals they may never otherwise have an opportunity to encounter, such as: mountain lions, grey wolves, bald eagles, and snow owls. Bear in mind, the zoo features North American wildlife exclusively, so you won't find elephants and other exotic animals as you may find in big city zoos, but as long as you manage expectations, Zoo America will be a big hit for even your littlest adventurers!

There are truly an endless number of ways to enjoy a trip to Hershey, PA (bonus tip: if you're travelling with other adults, or children 16 or older, don't miss the Segway Tours!); so, if you're looking for family-friendly fun this summer, check out Hershey, PA - truly the "Sweetest Place on Earth!"

Safe and happy travels!
-Destination Mom

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