Friday, July 27, 2012

Great Travel Games for Kids!

This week we are pleased to feature a post by Logan Baker, a guest blogger who writes about traveling with pets and kids and jet charter services.  His idea of a great trip is to take the next international flight out of Teterboro no matter where it lands!  We are pleased to share his post below, highlighting some fun ways to occupy little travelers on the go! 

Best Travel Games For Kids - by Logan Baker

If you’ve been lucky enough to find the time for a vacation, congratulations! If you’re going to be bringing the kids along with you, take a word of advice: come up with a few ways to entertain the kids for the trip between home and your vacation destination. Anyone who has ever been stuck in a car with a restless kid or two or three or four can appreciate how valuable a few good travel games can be. Here are a few ideas to keep the little ones engaged and focused throughout the car ride. They’re all fun, and some are even educational!

DIY Vacation Map

Whether your traveling with a group of aspiring artists or not, kids love doodling. To keep the kids thinking (and quiet!) have them draw their own map of the vacation route you’re taking. They can decorate the route with drawings or pictures of the places they visit. For instance, a trip from New York to Florida to Texas and back to New York could start with a picture of the Statue of Liberty, move down the coast amongst trees and water to Florida and a big smiling sun. From there you could continue across the country to Texas and a big longhorn. This is a great way of giving the kids a long-term vacation project to focus on and when the trip is over, they’ll have a great souvenir to mark their journey!

Twenty Questions

This classic guessing game is a great way to kill time, especially while in a car. The constant talking might get a big tiresome for other passengers if you’re on a plane or train, but in the comfort of your own vehicle, this can be fun for the whole family. You can choose to limit the subjects to people and objects from the state you’re in or the destination state to give it a fun little twist.

Reading Contest

For trips when silence is extra valuable (trains, planes or other public transit) reading contests can be great ways to keep the kids engaged and thinking. Each time one of the kids finishes a book, let them choose a new one to buy from your e-reader or a bookstore. Offer a prize to whoever finishes the most by the end of the trip.

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