Friday, August 31, 2012

5 Great Books About Traveling for Kids!

Travel can be an education in itself, even for the youngest child; and one of the best ways to get children excited about taking a trip is by awakening their imaginations through reading!  Below are our top five picks for children's books about travel:

Where is Coco Going?
Author: Sloane Tanen
Ages: 1-4
Sneak peek: To get to her destination, a tiny chick travels by taxi, train, plane, and parachute. She dives into the ocean, bikes through Paris, bounces across the desert on camelback, and zooms into outer space. And where does she arrive after this extensive journey? At Grandma's house in the suburbs.

All Aboard! A Traveling Alphabet

Author: Bill Mayer
Ages: 3-5
Sneak peek: Follow the alphabet as it journeys from the A-shaped walkway of a ship to the B-shaped arches of a bridge all the way to a zeppelin.

Felix Explores Planet Earth
Author: Annette Langen
Ages: 3-6
Sneak peek: A bunny named Felix travels the world, visiting the North Pole, rain forests, deserts and tropical seas. He writes letters to friend, Sophie, as he travels the world. The book includes a special fold out world map to trace and track Felix's travels; kids will enjoy using the map to plan their own trips!

My Picture Atlas
Author: Roger Priddy
Ages: 4-7
Sneak peek: A lively mix of maps, flaps, fact boxes, and photographs.  This is the only children's atlas to give information on every country in the world; includes a laminated pull-out country-finder map.

The Travel Game
Author: John Grandits
Ages: 5-8
Sneak peek: To avoid taking a nap, Tad plays his favorite game with his aunt. They spin the globe and set off on an adventure. Together, their imaginations take them from their home in Buffalo, NY, to Hong Kong.

Obviously, there are thousands of other fantastic books about travel for kids, including a vast number of location specific books!  Got a favorite you'd like to share?  Please comment below - we'd love to hear your suggestions!

Safe and happy travels!
-Destination Mom

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