Saturday, July 20, 2013

Capture the Magic!

You've found the perfect family-friendly destination, booked your transportation and lodging, packed everything you could possibly need for the family vacation of a lifetime and now, you're ready to go!  But if your trips are anything like mine, once you get there, the whole trip seems to flash by in an instant.  So, how can you best capture the magic of the trip without missing out on the all the fun?


A popular favorite, photographs are a fantastic way to preserve magic moments; but there is an art to balancing being the family photographer  with getting to share in the fun! Tips: try for shots that best represent your trip (i.e. spontaneous fun moments, family interactions, etc.).  Also, take turns with the camera so that there are shots of all of you, and remember to get at least one photo with the whole family!
Home Movies

Videos are a fun way to record living memoirs of what you did on vacation; whether it's playing on the beach, skiing, hiking, or horseback riding, a video will be  fun way to re-visit your trip for years to come! Tips: much like photography, be sure to take turns with the recorder so that everyone gets some screen time!  One fun way to capture the fun is with numerous brief movies that can be spliced together later to create a "snapshot" style movie! 

Mementos and Souvenirs

Mementos and souvenirs aren't just for family and friends at home; they can be used in a variety of ways to create amazing keepsakes your family will treasure!  Tips: set aside time to collect mementos as a family: event ticket stubs, playbills, shells, sea glass, flowers, leaves, rocks, etc. all are infinitely versatile!  Think shadowboxes, sea jars, scrapbooks, and collages; all are fun ways to display and share your vacation experience!  Or, consider visiting a local shop to pick out some souvenirs: picture postcards, car magnets, works of art created by local artists, clothing featuring the place name of your vacation spot; all will be fond reminders of your vacation!


Probably the most labor intensive method to record the events, activities, sights and experiences of your vacation, journals give you a unique opportunity to record not only what happened, but how everyone felt, and what made it memorable!  Tips:  to reduce the effort of documenting the whole trip, try to record a few small things each evening, that way you won't be stuck scrambling to remember what happened when after it's all over.  Also, encourage your children to share a memory from each day and write it down (with your help if they are too young to articulate their thoughts in writing). Journals can be enjoyed for generations to come and can give fascinating perspective not only on the trip, but of what life was like during that time in history.

However you choose to capture the magic of your family getaway, just remember not to sacrifice being a  part of the fun.  Family vacations are precious because your children are only young once and documenting some of the fun formative experiences you share as a family will help cement those memories for all of you as your children grow and change!  Taken an amazing vacation with your family?  Share some of your favorite memories with us on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter!

Safe and happy travels!
-Destination Mom

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