Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cutting Down on Back-to-School Anxiety

To help ease back-to-school apprehension, ease kids into a consistent school night routine and be sure they:
  • get enough sleep and eat a healthy breakfast (set a reasonable bedtime to ensure they are well-rested, and help keep them alert with a balanced, low-sugar breakfast)
  • make a list of need-to-know information to help them remember important details (i.e., class schedule, classroom numbers, teachers' names, bus drivers' names, and bus number, etc.)
  • keep organized with a calendar - record all assignment and project due dates, test dates, extracurricular activities, gym days, etc.
  • get organized and encourage them to set out everything they need the night before (completed homework and books should be placed in backpacks and clothes should be laid out for the next morning)
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