Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Books We Love: Discovering Barcelona - a travel guide for teens!

European vacations with kids in tow can be eye-opening, wonderful adventures, for you and your children!  But sometimes it can be difficult to determine what sites, eateries, museums, etc. are most appropriate and interesting for younger travelers.  That's why we were so excited when Enric Massó reached out to us with his fantastic new travel guide for families travelling with teens (and tweens!) to Barcelona.

As a born and bred Barcelonian who really loves his city, Enric knew a travel guide for younger travelers would help families and teens/tweens to genuinely experience all the amazing things Barcelona has to offer!  As a seasoned professional he has traveled extensively, mostly across Europe, and was frequently asked by acquaintances who would be travelling with kids: "We're visiting your city soon, what family activities would you recommend? where can we...? how...? when...? should we do/take/choose...?".  So, after a few times of compiling brochures, website screenshots, etc. for acquaintances and friends visiting the city, he decided it was time to write a proper paperback guide!  His endeavors resulted in the amazing Discovering Barcelona: A Travel Guide for Teens, which has recently been released through Amazon and Barnes&Noble.

Discovering Barcelona is an extraordinary and comprehensive travel guide, addressing everything from history and landmarks, to snippets of local dialect and metro maps; in addition, it includes an exhaustive (in the best way!) index of all the best spots in Barcelona for young visitors!  The layout is engaging with fantastic graphics, and the guide features entertaining and useful tips, hints, and suggestions for touring the city and beyond.  It provides readers with a concise, comprehensive itinerary of possibilities, featuring everything from historical hot-spots to natural wonders to thrills and adventure.  It is the perfect guide for preparing a young traveller for a trip to Barcelona or for keeping a young traveller occupied during the voyage (preventing the dreaded "are-we-there-yets"!). 

So if you or someone you know is planning a trip to Barcelona with kids - this travel guide is a must-have; and at under $15, it is the perfect stocking stuffer!   For more information on the author, see below:

Enric Massó

Business consultant (Barcelona, 1969). Enric has always been passionate about European cities and most especially his city, Barcelona: its history, heritage, its vibrant life... With the typical charm of the Mediterraneans he proudly enjoys showing the city to his foreign friends when visiting, many of whom have teenagers. But soon he realised that, although Barcelona ranks 4th in the Euromonitor International’s Top City Destinations (January 2011), there wasn’t much information intended for teens, most guides and travel resources were aimed to grown-up travellers, so he started to gather information and put it in a format aimed just for them: easy to read, fun and entertaining.

email:  enric@discoveringbarcelona.info 

web:  www.discoveringbarcelona.info 

Safe and happy travels!

-Destination Mom


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