Friday, February 21, 2014

Take Your Family's Taste Buds on Vacation!

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Sometimes physically getting away as a family is simply not convenient.  Sometimes it's just plain impossible.  No matter what stands between your family and an exciting adventure, there is always a way to build family worldliness into your itinerary!  One of our family's favorite ways to take "a virtual trip" is by taking a small-scale culinary tour of our dream destination of the moment!  

Long for the American Southwest?  Think Latin-American inspired favorites like chili con carne, enchiladas, tacos, or tamales.  Dreaming of New England?  Whip up some creamy clam chowder, old-world style pot roast, or lobster if you're feeling lavish!  Thinking about New Orleans?  Sample some Creole favorites like gumbo, po-boys, or jambalaya!  Got a hankerin' for some Southern favorites?  Break out the grill and smoke up some amazing ribs, pulled pork bbq, or brisket... or embrace comfort food and cook up some fried chicken and biscuits! 

Dreaming of destinations outside the US?  The possibilities are endless:

France: Think amazing cheeses, roasted meats, fresh crusty bread, and beautiful fresh, ripe fruits!
Greece: Try leg of lamb, spanakopita, feta cheese, kalamata olives, or pita bread with tzatziki sauce!
Italy:  Savor some pasta, arancini (rice balls), bruschetta, cheeses, and amazing desserts like cannoli!
India: Indulge in basmati rice, decadent curries, delicate naan, samosas, and tandoori meats!
Japan: Explore rice, noodles, maki-sushi, sashimi, edamame, tempura, and dumplings!

And the list goes on criss-crossing the entire planet!  "Culinary tours" are a hands-on way to connect to exotic places and peoples; and whether you whip something up at home or seek out an ethnic restaurant to treat your taste buds, you'll be sharing a love of adventure and culture with your children!  The same idea of sharing cuisine from different cultures can be a great way to share your own family's heritage; or even to help prepare for an actual trip.  Wishing you safe and happy travels, wherever your kitchen may take you!
-Destination Mom

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