Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hot Topic Tuesday: Childcare for on the go...

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More and more often we are hearing about "travel nanny" services and about parents who use such services for their infants and small children.  The idea is that the "nanny" is available to stay with your child/children if you and your partner wish to embark on an "adult" vacation alone.  And, wow, is it a controversial topic!

According to this piece that appeared in Vanity Fair, the Royal take seems to be in favor of the practice (though certainly their nanny is one with whom wee George is familiar!).  But would you be comfortable leaving your child with a nanny while you were away?  It's a difficult question to answer and there are strong feelings on both sides of the debate!

So this week, we want to know:
  • Have you/would you use a travel nanny service?
  • If you have, what do you like/dislike about the experience?

Looking forward to your responses!
-Destination Mom

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