Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Apps We Love: Little Lamb in Amsterdam!

If your family is planning a trip to the Netherlands, or just wants to explore Dutch culture, Little Lamb in Amsterdam is an app you don't want to miss!  With an adorable, interactive story and beautiful animation, this sweet tale has something to offer children from toddler-hood through school-age.  The interactive features and simple story-line appeal to even young audiences, but the factual content, attractions, cultural points, and history are an ideal introduction for school-aged children.  

The app is currently being offered at $4.99, and features toggling translations in both English and Dutch.  Best of all, the app is no strings attached, with no in-app purchases, no third party advertising, no external links, and no social media!  So if you're looking to inspire some wanderlust in your little traveler and download Little Lamb in Amsterdam today!

1 comment:

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