Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's In The Cards!

image courtesy of imagerymajestic/
During a recent Mom's Night Out, a friend shared a brilliant "Mom Tip": she had business cards printed with her full name, her son's name, and contact information (and, in her case, other vital information, including: her pediatrician's number and a list of her child's allergies/medical conditions on the opposite side). The cards are perfect for any time she leaves her child with a caregiver; they provide peace of mind by easily providing all the information needed in case of any emergency (not to mention, they are adorable and a great way to share information with new friends or playgroup buddies).  We simply adore the ones offered by Vistaprint!  Cute, easy to carry, great for socializing, and infinitely helpful to caregivers - so get carded today! 

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