Friday, January 30, 2015

Football: Family-Style!

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Nothing is more all-American than football!  And, assuming there are no "Deflate-Gate" riots, cheering on your team as a family is good, clean fun!  So whether you're having the whole neighborhood over or simply making it a family affair, we have a few tips that'll make your party fun, festive, and family-friendly!


Arrange your viewing area to accommodate all of your guests - and don't forget the little ones!  Bean bag chairs, mats, pillows, or even just clear space on the floor will work for most kids.  Festive decorations also help set the mood, but you don't have to break the bank to create a festive atmosphere; themed plates, napkins, or tablecloths are an inexpensive way to decorate, as are plush (indoor-friendly) footballs.  If your budget doesn't allow splurges on decorations, have your kids make and decorate their own footballs out of paper, felt, or cardboard and display them on the day of the big game!


Let's face it, adults love nachos, hoagies, pizza, spicy chicken wings, chili, and other great "game foods," but for many kids these dishes are too spicy or contain ingredients they don't like.  Problem solved with these great snack and meal ideas for kids: fresh fruit, ants on a log, popcorn, chicken nuggets, pigs in blankets, and tater tots!

Game Time Fun:

Young kids may not last through the whole game, so keeping a few distractions on hand is a wise move. Consider coloring pages, football-themed crafts, plush footballs that can be tossed around indoors, and fun games like Superbowl Bingo.  These fantastic distractions not only keep kids entertained, but they will keep them from becoming bored or disruptive during the game!  Also, if the weather cooperates, consider having an informal touch football game (or even just a game of catch!) before the big event; it'll help run off some of the extra energy the kids have stored up and it's a great way to teach healthy habits!

No matter who you're rooting for or who pulls off the big win, your party will be a big hit if you use these great tips!  Safe and happy memory-making!

-Destination Mom

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