Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It's All In The Cards!

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Spring has arrived and families are spending more and more time outdoors!  I remember when my daughter was young, we spent almost every sunny day visiting a playground or other outdoor venue; in fact, we met a number of people who have since become dear friends at just such outings! In those early days, I can remember scrambling for something to write on so that I could exchange names and numbers with another eager parent so that we could set up a future playdate (this was pre-smartphones - at least for me!).  But now, some brilliant person has come up with a fantastic idea: Mommy Cards!  These little wonders can be tailored to feature just about anything from simple names and contact information, to your pediatrician's number and a list of your child's allergies. Ideal for everything from casual meetings in a playground to providing caregivers with all the information they'll need in case of emergency, Mommy Cards are a great tool!

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