Sunday, December 6, 2015

Holiday Entertaining with Kids in Mind!

With holiday entertaining right around the corner, visions of festive table settings, recipes and holiday cocktails fill our head – but let’s not overlook the kids’ table! Our Friends at Juicy Juice have offered these great ideas!

Give little ones the opportunity to help set their own table, with kid-friendly decorating and menu ideas like these:

Make a kids-only menu item: A fun way to get kids involved and excited about the holiday season is to have them make a dish just for them. Try a low-stress, minimal ingredient recipe like Baked Apples (from Juicy Juice). End result: a seasonal and healthy dessert or side just for kids.

Serve festive drinks for the kids, too:
Let the little ones sip on a glass of Apple Cider (made with Juicy Juice), a warm Christmas Cheer punch or set up a DIY drink station so they can make something special for themselves. Help kids combine half juice such as Juicy Juice with no added sugar, half sparkling water and add an easy fruit garnish or a festive straw. For younger kids, you can put a colorful selection of Juicy Juice boxes in an open cooler or bucket of ice so they can serve themselves.

Kids-Table Chic: Whether they help pick the color scheme, set the table or craft the centerpiece, let kids have a say in what goes at their table. Work together to create a centerpiece where guests can write what they’re thankful for on a paper leaf or make a Juice Box Turkey place setting with supplies found around the house.

·         Endless Entertainment: For a rustic look (and a way to keep kids entertained during dinner) use brown craft paper in lieu of a tablecloth and set out some crayons and pencils for drawing and tic-tac-toe.

Thank you Juicy Juice!


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