Friday, August 5, 2011

Where's Wendy! (cont.)

So here's how the first few days went:

First, as someone who frequently travels cross-country by plane, I was thrilled to discover that traveling by car is far more forgiving!  That said, Boston traffic redefines the word horrible. The DVD player was not missed too much, but I would have liked it for the end of the trip... it got a little gritty around hour 3.5.  The big winners for entertainment were the mess free marker color sheets and the Strawberry Shortcake figures they got in the happy meal on the ride up... go figure!?

Our hotel was great - we went through Hotwire and scored a 4 star for $180.00 - a beautiful full service Westin with complimentary Starbucks in room!  It also featured a gorgeous pool; it kept us from the Children's Museum but the kids were having a blast swimming with the piped in music! The buffet was free for kids under 7 (score!!!) and they had a seperate healthy buffet too... yummy; we sat on the outdoor patio and had a wonderful breakfast.

The few obstacles we encountered in the hotel made me thankful I'd decided to bring the Travel-Tot Childproofing Kit (used a hanging costmetic bag which I stored in the closet, so the sliding door lock was invaluable for keeping the kids out of my stuff!).  My one big complaint would be the weight sensor snack buffet in the room... horrendous with kids... if you move it you're charged... and of course it's all chips and M&Ms.

Showered up and headed off to RI - the point of going to RI was to show the girls where we were married. It was just a day trip. Once we arrived in Newport we needed a low key place for the kids to eat. We found a hotdog and cheeseburger hole-in-the wall off of Thames St. (I only wish I'd had my camera).

Few stumbles:
  • Forgot the camera - thank God for cell phones.
  • Forgot towels -ugh. Stopped at a Walmart.
  • For our daytrip to RI - I thought it would be later when we got there, wish now that I had put a mini sunblock in my diaperbag.
All in all - pretty successful!  Stay tuned, there's more to come - we did a waterpark the next day...

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