Thursday, February 2, 2012

Family Fun Superbowl Style!

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 Whether your family's Superbowl festivities are a daytime affair or an evening event, the Big Game is a great occasion for getting the family together and having some fun!  From outdoor activities to games and parties, the possibilities for family fun are endless!

If you have some daylight to play with, consider heading outdoors for a little family football fun: even if it's just a game of catch, its a great chance to sneak in some exercise and fresh air - you may even be able to teach your kids the rules of the game if they are old enough!  If you have a larger family, older kids, or can arrange to be a part of a larger group, you may even want to try to get a little touch football game going!  Running themselves silly will not only be great fun for the kids, but it will also allow them to work off some of that pent-up energy before sitting down to enjoy the Big Game!

Once you're all settled inside, consider having some activities to keep younger kids occupied during the game: have a spot designated where kids can color sports-themed coloring books, make their own cap using their team's colors, or string together team-themed jewelry using beads, candies, or even cereal! Older kids may also enjoy some pre-game or half-time games; your could play "Ref Charades" where you have to use a signal used by the officials as part of your clue, or come up with sports-themed trivia questions!

Last but certainly not least, get the whole family involved in making and enjoying game-time fare!  Have kids help make dips, veggie plates, cookies, or other snacks.  You can get creative with home-made snacks, or just keep things easy and festive with pre-prepared munchies (i.e. chips, frozen appetizers, pizza, cold-cut subs) decorated with your team's colors (i.e. frosting, toothpicks, colored chips, themed paper goods, etc.).

However you choose to celebrate, have fun, but remember to indulge responsibly and if you are going to drink, be sure you have a sober designated driver - the life you save could be your own or your child's.  Safe and happy game day!

-Destination Mom

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