Wednesday, December 26, 2012

3 Colorful Ideas for Snow Day Fun!

Looking for a few new ideas to get your kids out and playing on a snow day?  We've got three kid-tested winners you'll want to introduce next time those flakes start flying!
  1. Build a colorful snow fort: What says winter more than trying to design your own igloo or snow fort for hiding out in?  Start with a small dugout then create a structure using molded snow bricks (any kind of plastic container can be used to mold the bricks!) misted with cold water mixed with food coloring - you can do all one color or mix it up!
  2. Snow painting: Using seveal spray bottles, fill with water and a few drops of food coloring.  Pack down a flat "canvas" outside in the snow or create a 3-d sculpture and spray the food coloerd water onto the packed surface; have fun mixing colors and experimenting with spraying from different distances!
  3. Ice cube/globe scavenger hunt: Freeze food-colored water in several colors (in ice cube molds or in balloons!) and hide in the snow - send kids on a scavenger hunt - the one who finds the most colored cubes or globes wins!

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