Friday, December 14, 2012

Portable Safety; A Nanny's Best Friend!

Anyone who has been a Nanny or Au Pair for a young family will tell you that once infants become mobile, the world outside their home is not always the easiest or safest place for them to navigate. Traveling with the family to visit relatives and friends can often pose a bit of a challenge; childless homes frequently contain hazards that keep caregivers hopping up during visits to prevent little explorers from breaking low lying treasures or from injuring themselves.

While vigilant supervision during any visit is irreplaceable as an injury deterrent, there are a few things you can do to make life a bit easier!  Assuming those you are visiting are receptive, investing just 15 minutes when you arrive could facilitate a more relaxed and enjoyable visit for everyone!  Create a "safe zone" for children to play in. Start by exploring the room from a child's vantage point (get down on your hands and knees to experience the world from their eyes!); then set about removing tiny, breakable, top-heavy, or sharp objects from reach (table tops, shelves, hearths, etc.).  Next be sure cords (electrical, blinds, decorative, etc.) are coiled up out of reach, outlets are safeguarded, sharp corners are padded, and cabinets are locked.  Also, keep doors to laundry rooms, stairways, kitchens, supply closets, and bathrooms closed or gated-off from access during the visit.

A great all-in-one tool for providing this additional layer of protection is the Travel-Tot Childproofing Kit; the kit components (foam corner guards, outlet covers, pinch guards, etc.) can help prevent injury from some of the most common hazards present in living spaces!  Best of all, the Kit's components go on with a strong, temporary, non-damaging adhesive that will not damage furniture or finishes; and Kit components can be reused!  It is a quick, easy solution that stores easily in the car for wherever you go! 

Creating a safe play zone in a childless home may take a few minutes, but it will result in greater peace of mind and a more enjoyable visit for everyone! For additional helpful information, check out Travel-Tot's free e-book: Survival Guide to Traveling with Babies and Toddlers!  Safe and happy travels!
-Destination Mom

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