Thursday, February 21, 2013

7 Must-See Sights for Families Traveling in New Zealand

image courtesy of Transfercar
This week, we are thrilled to introduce our guest blogger, Robert Reeve of Transfercar a car rental service in Australia and New Zealand.  Many tourists that visit Australia and New Zealand know that by investing in a car rental either location can be explored in its entirety simply by driving between sights; Transfercar offers cost-effective car rental options that appeal to families and other travelers on a budget!  Robert has generously offered to share the article below which highlights some of the best family attractions of New Zealand!   Our thanks to Robert for his insightful list of must-see sights!

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the entire world; one that continues to attract millions of visitors from around the globe year after year.  When traveling to New Zealand with your family, there are a seven sights you won't want to miss:
This amazing gondola will allow you to see the entire skyline from the comfort of a scenic gondola ride. If you are afraid of heights, however, do not worry. There are still plenty of sights to see throughout New Zealand while you are still on the ground!
If you enjoy living life on the edge and getting involved with extreme sports, then you have come to the right place. Bungee jumping and free falling are all possible at this widely popular tourist attraction. Located in the Mokai Canyon with the Rangtkei River below, it is also a spectacular sight to see even if you do not plan on jumping off of any cliffs while you are there.
You may have already heard about The Champagne Pool in New Zealand. Here is where you will be able to find it and many other popular sights that are awaiting your presence. Explore the captivating natural springs that have been bubbling up for many millenniums over time.
If you are a lover of history, then you do not want to miss out on the opportunity to experience a walk in the past with this mission that provides help with creating Maori language books and created some amazing gardens that are still kept up and maintained even today.
For those that would rather enjoy the beautiful sights throughout New Zealand from the sea, you will have the chance to explore many captivating sights from the docks of these amazing cruise lines. You will even discover wildlife as well and eat some of the best food that you have ever tasted while you are still on board for any of the day cruises that are sailing throughout New Zealand.
If the cruise ship is not as speedy and private as you would like for your tourist experience to be, then you should invest in any of the available jet boat options that will allow you to experience Lake Rotorua in a way that you have never thought possible. Along with the amazing sights, you will get a high adrenaline rush just from the speed of the boat itself!
Take a day off of travelling in this 5-star holiday park. Rated as one of the best locations in New Zealand, you will have the opportunity to get so much more than just the ordinary spa pampering. You will also get to take in all of the beautiful vistas that surround the resort.

About the author: Robert Reeve works at Transfercar, a car rental Australia service, providing travellers free transport for major cities in Australia and New Zealand.  When it comes to car rental in Australia and New Zealand, tourists invest in this cost-effective option in order to explore all of the sights there without spending more money than necessary; check it out for your next trip! 

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