Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3 Amazing On-line Travel Resources

Where to go?

Looking for a comprehensive site that features travel information for just about anywhere you can imagine going?  Lonely Planet has got you covered!  With an easily navigable site packed with comprehensive information on locations worldwide, Lonely Planet will prove helpful in planning your next trip and may even provide ideas for future trips!

Price tracking:

Airline, lodging, and car rental fares fluctuate daily... heck sometimes hourly!  That's why we love Kayak.com; available online or as a free app, Kayak helps your travel dollars go the distance by allowing you to search for the best prices on everything from airfares to hotel rooms and more!


Looking to experience the amazing world of cruising but not sure where to start? Cruise Critic offers a multitude of information on destinations, ports of departure, a wide variety of cruise lines, and even cruise reviews.  They even provide basic "cruise culture" tips and hints!

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