Friday, March 1, 2013

Top 5 Places to Use Your Travel-Tot Kit!

Seeking portable peace of mind for your next family getaway? You can easily provide a layer of protection from many common hazards in just minutes with a few simple items like those conveniently provided in the Travel-Tot Childproofing Kit, including; outlet covers, doorknob protectors, corner guards, door pinch guards, multi-purpose straps, and safety latches.  All Kit components and adhesive are temporary, strong, yet non-damaging, so they are ideal for just about anywhere!  Here are five fantastic places you can use your Travel-Tot Travel Childproofing Kit:

  1. Hotels, motels, and rental properties - make any lodging space instantly family friendly!
  2. Homes of family or friends - a great way to both create a safer play space and protect homeowners' valuable personal items from curious little explorers!
  3. Timeshares and rental properties- the perfect way to childproof your home-away-from-home;  the Kit provides the perfect tools to help keep those little fingers safe from pinches and other potential harm!
  4. RVs - great for keeping little travelers safe on the road and anywhere your adventures make take you!
  5. Cruise ships - make your cabin cozier by adding an extra layer of protection from common hazards such as exposed outlets, pinches from doors and drawers, and sharp corners!
Safe and happy travels!
-Destination Mom

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