Friday, May 24, 2013

Little Passports: Explore the World this Summer!

Summer vacation for kids everywhere is right around the corner and we have found a surefire way for you to score points as the coolest parent ever; give them a chance to explore the world with Little Passports! This unique, educational subscription box can take your family on an adventure to learn about culture and history from all 50 states and across the globe - it's education and fun, wrapped up in one!

Little Passports allows kids and their families to explore the fun of travel without the high cost and long airport lines. How it works: each month kids receive a package filled with items from that month’s country or states from characters Sam and Sofia who travel the world on their magic scooter!

There are two options:

all images courtesy of Little Passports

  • In the new USA Edition Sam and Sofia visit two states a month, and send kids an activity booklet with 32 hands-on activities and recipes based on the states visited.  The program is all about making learning about US geography, state landmarks, and history memorable. 

  • In the World edition Sam and Sofia visit one country a month and send kids a letter talking about their journey, a souvenir and hands-on activities that help the children learn all about that country. The starter kit also comes with a “passport” and each month kids get stickers to showcase every country visited.

There are several different subscription plans depending on what works best for you. Sign-up for the convenience of their month-to-month plan or sign-up for a set number of months upfront. If you decide to sign-up or gift a set number of months upfront, you can also renew your subscription so your child doesn’t miss out on any adventures.

So spend the summer touring the US, or adventuring in far off, exotic locations and watch your children get excited to learn about history, culture, language, and geography! 

Safe and happy travels!

-Destination Mom

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