Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Sanity-Saving Giveaway!

We've all had those moments; fleeting glimpses of a simpler time, when Motherhood meant swaddling and cuddling our adorable little bundles of joy!  But of course, those adorable little snugglers transform into adventure-seeking toddlers in the mere blink of an eye; and the more independent they become, the more challenging and stressful Motherhood gets.  I figure that's why they dedicated a whole day to recognizing all the hard work, love, hope, and moments of sheer, heart-stopping terror that go into being a Mom.

I'll never forget how (before I had a child) I used to be snarky about other parents' lack of attentiveness; particularly if I happened to witness their child getting injured.  Fast forward to a few months after my daughter's second birthday when my husband and I brought her to Florida for a vacation.  We weren't even all the way into the room and she had pinched her fingers in the dresser drawers. Twice.  It was not to be my last lesson in humility, and definitely not the last time my daughter would find a creative way to injur herself.  But I digress...

The first day alone with my toddler in the room I almost didn't get a shower because I was so afraid she'd get into trouble, even though I had secured her in the pack and play.  I had "childproofed" the room on my hands and knees when we arrived (finding a straight pin and a mystery pill beneath the bed that justified my paranoia!); but I hadn't thought to pack any real childproofing devices (i.e. outlet covers, corner guards, cabinet ties, pinch guards, etc.). and the front desk had nothing to offer.  It felt almost barbaric to be without the protective devices I had become so accustomed to at home (which, I might add,  seemed even MORE necessary given how this "new, strange place" seemed to bring out the explorer in my little girl).  The trip was fine, but by the end of it, I really needed a vacation, lol.

Truly the peace of mind of the childproofing guards I took so for granted at home would have made this simple getaway so much more relaxing; after all, whether its your child's incurable curiosity or an inherited talent for trouble, eventually he or she will get into a situation that presents the opportunity for injury.  So this Mother's Day, treat yourself (or someone you love!) to a little relaxation by entering to win a free sanity-saving Travel Childproofing Kit from Travel-Tot!  With a myriad of childproofing devices (corner guards, pinch guards, cabinet ties, locking straps, outlet covers, etc.) and  strong temporary adhesive fasteners that come off clean when its time to pack back up, it's the perfect tool for parents travelling with young children!

To enter to win a free Travel-Tot Travel Childproofing Kit, "like" the mention of this blog post on Travel-Tot's Facebook page (please note: commenting on this article below will NOT enter you to win a free kit).  "Likes" must be received on the mention of this blog entry on Travel-Tot's Facebook page by Tuesday, May 14th, 12:00 Midnight Pacific Standard Time (PST) to be eligible for drawing. 

Wishing you all a very safe and happy Mother's Day!

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