Friday, June 27, 2014

Travel Solutions: Childproofing on the Go!

Free Shipping This Week Only!
Travel-Tot has the perfect solution to one of the top family travel-hurdles addressed in this month's Parents Magazine; how to childproof your lodging accommodations when traveling (hotels, motels, family or friend's homes, etc.)! Travel-Tot's Travel Childproofing Kit contains everything you need to help create an additional layer of protection from common guest room hazards such as: sharp corners, doors and drawers that can cause pinches, exposed outlets,  loose cords, and accidental access to dangerous areas (balconies, drawers, closets, bathrooms, etc.). 

But what makes Travel-Tot's Kit a better choice than other childproofing kits, or even just packing a few products you have at home?  Easy - our product is specifically designed to be an all-in-one, portable, temporary, convenient collection of childproofing devices. All items fit neatly in the lunch-box sized Kit box and all items requiring application are fastened with provided, non-damaging adhesive strips that can be removed before you check out! Components require no tools and all included devices can be installed in about 5 minutes; they go on strong, and come off clean! Just follow the enclosed directions.  As an added bonus, we are now offering free shipping (this week only)!

Travel-Tot lets you instantly childproof hotel rooms, motel rooms, even grandma’s house! It's an easy, temporary, non-damaging solution designed to keep little ones safe anywhere you go.  So grab a Travel Childproofing Kit before your next family getaway and enjoy some peace of mind.  With Travel-Tot, you can keep your kids safe as home, wherever you roam!

-Destination Mom

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