Tuesday, December 2, 2014

An Elf Away From Home!

It's the holiday season again; time to be heading over the rivers and through the woods to visit far flung family members and friends. It's also the time of year when the Elf on the Shelf makes his (or her!) great return! So if you spend time away from home, chances are, your Elf will follow, and no self-respecting Elf would leave home without the basics for some hilarious hi-jinks... (see material list below for ideas)! 

Luggage: an Altoid's mint tin or small matchbox painted and given a handle is the perfect suitcase for your Elf as you begin your journey!

Pre-printed Joke Cards: Kids love jokes, so why not let your Elf bring some back to share from the North Pole!

Skis: A pair of candy canes and two fancy toothpicks and your Elf is ready to hit the slopes!

Bowling: Set up gumdrops and let your Elf take aim with a gumball!

TicTacs: Brilliant as Elf poop; after all, an Elf in a strange new place may have trouble finding the restroom! Also great for spelling out messages!

Planning ahead for any non-sense is imperative - be sure you have all necessary materials before you go to keep things fun!  If you're looking for ideas for more crazy capers, check out these outstanding videos of Elves caught in action on YouTube!

Safe and happy Elfing!
-Destination Mom

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