Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Safe Sleep: Important Reminder and Brilliant Solution!

image property of Vusee
Sometimes preventing a tragedy is impossible; so many dangers are unpredictable and fundamentally unavoidable.  But often, simply knowing about a hazard and making an easy modification can, quite literally, be lifesaving.  One of the leading causes of injury in crib-bound children is strangulation from cords and wires pulled in by curious little hands and unwittingly coiled around the neck, and the items most commonly located within reach are baby monitors.  Preventing this kind of tragedy is as easy as relocating these items to areas in the room where they are safely out of reach - and one of our favorite products, the Vusee, does just that by providing a shelf mount, which offers greater visibility into the crib and safer out-of-reach location!  At only $15.00, it makes a great stocking stuffer for your favorite family!

Safe and Happy Holidays!
-Destination Mom

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