Friday, July 18, 2014

Destination: Branson, MO

This week we are pleased to feature an article by Joseff, an online publisher for Thousand Hills Golf Resort in Branson, MO. Joseff loves to share tips about the best places to visit in Branson and outdoor activities like golf, travel, and vacations.

Summer is the best time to explore Branson, Missouri because the weather is ideal for frolicking and merry making. Branson is best known for its shows and festivities, but its hospitality is also world renown! The tourism board (along with locals!) prepares the whole city for a big summer celebration making Branson popular around the world as the summer capital in the Midwest.  If you are looking for a memorable summer vacation for the family, be sure to book a holiday getaway in Branson. Here are some of the things that your family will enjoy while spending summer there:

Bluegrass and Barbecue Festival in Silver Dollar City
The event begins in May and is culminated in the 1st of June. If you’re in the city during this period, you and the family can witness top Bluegrass musicians perform songs from this genre. While enjoying great music, your family can sink their teeth to the most delicious barbecue in this side of the country. The House of BBQ in Red Gold Heritage Hall is renowned for the best barbecue and grilled foods.

Father’s Day in Branson
Branson celebrates fatherhood by providing shows and events to honor fathers. Restaurants, cafes, and theatres all take part in this celebration. Father’s Day Brunch at Keeter Center is a great way to start the day for fathers out there. In addition, dads can take part in a little adventure when they book a trip on the Father’s Day Cruise prepared by Main Street Lake Cruises. And if Bluegrass tops dad's list of likes, there’s a show in Eureka Springs featuring top and emerging bluegrass talents.

Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede Dinner & Show
Dixie Stampede offers shows the entire month of June. They are very popular among tourists and families, so advance booking is recommended. Each show is guaranteed to provide quality entertainment for the whole family and guests of all ages will enjoy the amazing cuisine prepared by their chefs.

4th of July in Branson
Branson celebrates Independence with a bang. That’s right, if you are looking for a 4th of July getaway for the whole family, Branson is definitely the place to be. Your family can witness an amazing fireworks display in Big Cedar Lodge and in Table Rock Lake. There are also hot air balloon rides for the whole family in Stockstill Park. In addition, live music and BBQ are available at Chateau on the Lake.

Super Summer Cruise at Shepherd of the Hills
This car show, traditionally held in August, will definitely heat up the summer! Apart from amazing displays of old and modern cars, contests are held as well, and a variety of entertainers are present.

ABBA Tribute
Relive ABBA’s journey in this amazing musical tribute. Listen and reminisce as entertainers sing ABBA’s amazing hits such as Mama Mia, Dancing Queen, Waterloo, and more. The show is available throughout August.

Acrobats of China
Witness amazing acrobatic stunts and tricks performed by the Acrobats of China. These astonishing acrobats will feed your eyes with their daring and breathtaking stunts like aerial ballet and flying trapeze acts.

These are some of the shows to witness and take part with when you visit Branson. For more information about the other shows, visit the official site of Branson, MO.

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