Friday, July 25, 2014

Destination: Montauk, NY

Situated on the southeastern-most point of Long Island, Montauk is a beach-lover's paradise, seemingly untouched by time.  The atmosphere of this charming village belongs to a by-gone, simpler time, when strangers struck up casual conversations while waiting in line for ice cream or invited one another to evening bonfires on the beach. But its more than just its resolutely casual air that differentiates it from its posh Hampton neighbors. Montauk has a multitude of family-friendly features such as: accommodations that are child- and budget-friendly, a wide variety of seasonal activities, and a myriad of beautiful beaches.

There are many types of lodging options available in the downtown area, and most cater predominantly to families. Everything from luxurious spa accommodations to simple ocean-front cottages is available and price points vary accordingly.  Many properties boast a pool in addition to beach access and many are no more than a few blocks' walk to the downtown area.  Part of the timeless charm of Montauk is that the vast majority of structures in the main downtown area do not exceed two stories, so first-floor lodging is widely available (and far easier for families with young children to navigate than high-rise properties!).

Montauk boasts far less traffic than more inland towns, making it a great place to explore on foot or by bike. Families with children of all ages will find it easy to walk into town to grab a quick bite or shop, or to venture down to the beach, mere blocks from downtown. There are also some great state parks for visitors who enjoy hiking, such as: Shadmoor State Park, Camp Hero, and the Montauk Point State Park (featuring the majestic Montauk Lighthouse!), and miles of open road perfect for biking!

But if exploration is the name of the game for your family, Montauk offers quite a few opportunities to go beyond the traditional hike!  Horseback riding, whale watching tours, fishing charters, golfing (regular and mini!), and boat rentals are just a few of the fantastic adventures available to summer visitors.  There are also a number of great boutiques located in and around the downtown strip as well as at Gosman's Dock.

Finally, Montauk boasts some of the most beautiful beaches on Long Island, with everything from broad swaths of sand to rock and pebble shores.  Some of the most popular beaches include: Ditch Plains (great for surfers!), Gin Beach (gentle water and soft sand), Kirk Park, and South Edison. Lifeguards are on duty at all public beaches from 10 – 5 weekends starting Memorial Day weekend, then daily from Mid-June – Labor Day, and then on weekends until the end of September, except as noted for certain beaches.

From its beautiful beaches to its timeless charm, Montauk offers families with children of all ages a chance to kick back and relax and enjoy good, old-fashioned quality time together! There is truly something for everyone and adventure is only a stone's throw away.  Safe and happy travels!

-Destination Mom

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