Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Safety Alert: Guidines for Preventing Dehydration

image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici


Summer is filled with outdoor adventures and fun in the sun! But all that activity and prolonged exposure to high temperatures, direct sun, and high humidity, without sufficient rest and fluids, can lead to dehydration. Dehydration is a precursor to dangerous, and potentially deadly, conditions such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Thankfully, there are signs to watch for and steps you can take to help prevent dehydration and keep your kids healthy and safe. Parents, coaches, and caregivers should all be familiar with the following signs of dehydration:

  • fatigue
  • thirst, 
  • dry lips and tongue
  • lack of energy, 
  • and feeling overheated

If any of these symptoms are present, children should be encouraged to immediately:
  • Take a break from activity
  • Seek out a shady spot to rest
  • Drink cool water and sports drinks (before, during and after activity - even if they claim to not be thirsty!). 
Following these simple guidelines can help ensure that children remain hydrated and don't become ill, and can help keep summer safe and fun!

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