Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Family Summer Bucket List!

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The school year is rapidly drawing to a close, and many families are starting to get "summer fever!" Maybe a fun family getaway is even already booked; but do you really know what your family wants to do this summer? Try asking!  

Take a day to try and schedule an informal family meeting (you could even discuss it over a meal!), to ask for input for summer fun from each of your family members. Then use that feedback to create a "Family Summer Bucket List!" 

Here are a few tips to make your list making experience fun and feasible:

  • All family members should be respectful and take turns speaking
  • No mocking or ridiculing other family members' ideas or suggestions
  • Though each idea may not appeal to everyone, all activities must be family-friendly
  • All activities must fit within the family-determined budget
  • All activities must be safe and legal
  • All suggestions should be open for discussion unless they do not conform to safety or other considerations

Ideas can be as complex as planning a family trip abroad or as simple as proposing a family picnic, use your imagination! Bucket-listing can help a family discern which interests or activities the family members share, and by including the kids in the list-making process they will be more invested in the activities you ultimately select! So grab a tablet, laptop, or pen and paper and have at it!

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