Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kidecals: The Verdict Is In!

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Last week, we featured a great little company called Kidecals, and I mentioned that I had placed an order and would report back once I'd had a chance to use the product first-hand.  Well, I am very excited to report that my order arrived early yesterday morning, so I've had two days to play with them! 

To start with, the labels were even more beautiful than I had anticipated! I chose a simple round design with our family's initial in the center and then our contact information around the outer edge (see image at right - I put the white ring over my family's contact info for privacy purposes). I had spent some time customizing the color for the labels and was curious to see how "true to screen" my selection would be.  It was truly spot-on; now I know that monitor settings vary from user to user, so your mileage may vary, but the labels I received were exactly the color I chose!

I wanted to run the labels through the gamut of abuses they were designed to withstand, so I applied one to a travel mug (which I microwaved hot tea in and then ran through the dishwasher -  top shelf, heated dry cycle), one on my daughter's backpack (which is really being pushed to the limit as she is clearing her desk out for the year), one on a sweatshirt jacket (I placed it on the tag and ran it through the washing machine and dryer, using hot water to wash and high heat to dry), and one on my cell phone case (because I loved how it looked!). I am thrilled to report that all the labels remained in place, did not fade, crack, melt, or peel off - not even in the dishwasher! I was staggered! I have melted plastic storage containers in my dishwasher, so I was sure the hot-cup label would melt or peel, but it looked as good coming out as it did going in!

I can now say without reservation that Kidecals are truly excellent; the quality is top notch, the ordering process is easy and fun, the shipping was free and fast, and the wide variety of decals and labels guarantees there's something for everyone! So if you are in the market for a personalized, attractive, high-quality organizational tool, I highly recommend Kidecals!

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