Friday, June 12, 2015

Products We Love: Kidecals!

Today I'm giving a shout-out to Kidecals Waterproof Labels; an awesome product that I think would be worthy of the "Parents' Little Helpers Award" - that is, if such an award existed! Kidecals are basically personalized printed labels for your kid’s stuff that adhere like a sticker! Brilliantly simple, beautifully customizable, easy to order, and FREE to ship (in the US), Kidecals are THE solution to how to label your child's belongings so that they can be returned if lost!
Anyone who has ever sent a child off to daycare, school, camp, or even a sleepover can vouch for the fact that you need to label EVERY item they own, because without fail, six other kids will have the same water bottle, cup, lunch box, sleeping bag, jacket, or backpack. When my daughter first went to preschool, all I had for labeling was a black fine-tip Sharpie, and while it did the job, it was unattractive and not  truly permanent on dishwasher-cleaned items. With my pitiful handwriting and items where writing space was at a premium (garments with small labels, etc.), I frequently took the lazy road and just scrawled her initials on everything, only to find out that her initials were fairly common. We lost a lot of stuff those first few years. It was a system with enormous room for improvement - and a niche I think Kidecals fills perfectly!
I just place an order for my very own set of Kidecals, and in addition to being beguiled by the wide variety of beautiful labels and decals available on their website, I was excited and impressed to discover that Kidecals is a woman-owned business, and that they strive to use the greenest and most local materials possible to create their labels and decals. Also, they create all their own personalizable labels and art, and will even work with customers to design unique, custom pieces suited to their particular needs. My only complaint is that their "Keycals" (beautiful mosaic-like stickers for your keyboard) only work on Apple products - I totally would have ordered a set of the Daisy ones if they were compatible with my ancient Gateway!
As soon as my order arrives I will be writing a more comprehensive product review, but I have to say that so far, my experience has been excellent. The website was easy to navigate, boasted an enormous variety of designs and products, and was intuitive to play around with when customizing your chosen product.  Moreover, ordering was straightforward, and shipping was FREE (in the US)! Stay tuned for my review, and head on over to Kidecals to check out their product line for yourself - I know you'll be impressed!

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